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Discussion in 'OSRS' started by zero30xx, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. hi im new to botting i want to buy it and get a script bot (just need it to level combat like attack strength and defence) that isnt detected and works well preferably a lower level npc since my stats are around 50 in each
  2. slayer is kinda decent the npcs are often easy and good xp hour

    no need to buy script bot really just use like a combat bot and just train(do some quest i recomend aswell)
  3. what are some good combat bots that are not easily detected?
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    i already did the waterfall quest and the other high xp quests just need to do the haunted mine and monkey madness but i would like to get my stats to 60 before i do those it just takes too damn long to level i did it once back in like 03 and im not doing it again lol
  4. i used MassFighter alot i can tell u this MOST of the bots on here is amazing just maybe try to use the populare ones.
  5. i was looking at mass fighter but i noticed report of people saying that they got caught after a few hours of use, also can i do other things while the bot works or do i have to be on the game?
  6. I mainly use Alpha fighter
  7. can you play another game while its running?
  8. If your pc is powerfull enough you can.
  9. ok thats good thank you
  10. RuneMate doesn't take over your mouse/keyboard if that's what you ment ;)
  11. yea something like that i have the bot run and kill stuff while i play csgo or something else so i can check up on it from time to time
  12. Yeah, you can just minimize it. I used to always play games on Steam while botting. :)
  13. ya i have been using it thanks a ton guys/gals
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  14. Best of luck. :)
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  15. I botted 30+ hours the past 2 days in a semi popular area - nothing has happened!

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