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  1. This guide will cover the basic things that you need to know when using the RuneMate. This will based on the experience that I have had using RuneMate and I am open to recommendations and changes to the guide, so feel free to comment below.

    First off let me start by saying welcome to the RuneMate botting community, RuneMate will allow you to run up to two clients in Rs3 or OS and will help you to generate the extra gold you need to level your main character or give you some extra spending cash by selling you gp to another person or website online.


    This is some personal advice that I have for what you should and shouldn’t do while botting using RuneMate.

    1. Don’t bot nonstop everyday for a week because Jagex isn’t stupid they will be able to tell that you are botting and they will ban your account costing you the time that you put into that account and any gold that you might have invested into it. This is even true if you are a member so don’t think that by paying for membership you are given a pass for botting. From my personal experience I find that botting for more than 4-5 hours non-stop will get you banned within 2-3 days and if you personally want an account to last a while your better off botting for 2-3 at a time.

    2. Link your account to an email, you have two choices when doing this. First you can bot on an account for a week and when Jagex forces you send a confirmation email to your email to continue to play on that account at which point you can create a Gmail account for free with Google and continue to bot on that account. The advantage of this is it allows for you to create as many accounts as you want on a single day without being limited by Google telling you you’re unable to make any more email accounts today. Though I am sure that Jagex might be extra suspicious of these account though I can’t confirm this because I have never personally tried this as I have alway create and email for every account to make sure that there is one less reason for Jagex to ban my account.

    3. Another thing that you should do when creating a new account is do a few quest on that new account to get you quest points up, this will help when other players look at your account and start to think that you are a bot but if you have done more than a few quest then you are less likely to be reported by other player and Jagex has another reason to think that you are a player not a bot.

    4. Skilling. When a normal person starts to play a game like Runescape they don’t start by cutting down trees for 5 hours and then going off for a few hour before coming back on a few hours later to cut more oaks. What I am trying to say is mix it up don’t only bot woodcutting for 4 day straight and don’t have only one skill on your account.

    5. One thing that I look out for and I am sure that Jagex looks out for when trying to spot another botter is a person’s combat level. While there are people that player Runescape as a skiller they are in no way the large majority of the users that play Runescape. Leveling your combat on a new account and be profitable in the range of 125k - 150k an hour at a very low level and once you have gotten to higher level after only one day of botting for 2-3 hours you are able to blend in a lot more an a standard player playing Runescape.

    While botting does make your life easier it isn’t completely hands off there is some maintenance that is need to prevent you from losing your account. So just remember that anything you do on your account to make it appear like a really player playing Runescape will help make sure that your new botting account will last just a little longer.

    Final Note: Currently there is a 18 hour period where you are unable to trade with another player in Old School Runescape which has been a large drawback for me personally wanting to bot Old School Runescape, though if you are able to survive the first 18 hours without having your account banned then you will be able to bot Old School gp which can be exchanged for RS3 currency and in some cases you can make more per hour. Though there is another choice which is to get 7 QP which will allow you to start trading the items that are currently botted. The final decision as to whether you bot in RS3 or OS is up to you, you have to determine how much you are willing to risk and what form of gold you are looking to play with in Runescape. Good Luck.

    The following section will focus on different option for for where you can bot different skills and the expected amount of money you can make per hour and what I have found to get you banned faster, though before I started I have to state again that the worst possible idea that you can have is to think that you will be able to level you bot to level 20 and be able to non-stop level the same skill for as long as you want. If you bot oaks on OSRS for 10 hours on Monday then the worst possible idea that you could have is to assume that just because you got away with it on Monday you will be able to do the same thing for the rest of the week. Randomize your botting how ever you can, never bot the same amount of time and never bot the same time of day. Also I recommend having as many accounts as possible, this will mean that you can bot more hours of the day with less of a change of you losing everything. What I mean by this is if by chance you decide that you are going to bot lobster for 15 hours on 3 accounts, each doing it for 5 hours then at the very most all you can lose if one of your bots is banned is 5 hours. Though if you bot on one account of all 15 hours and it gets banned you lose all the profit and have to start from stratch. This tactic means that you will always have at least one bot to do the task you want if you are botting on one account for a high level skill and leveling another so that it also can do that skill if that high level bot were to be banned.

    Considering adding more in the future...
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  2. Pretty solid guide dude, I'm sure a lot of new botters will appreciate this :) I give it 8/8
  3. gr8 m8 no need to h8t 8D
  4. Great job, bro. Will definitely link new users to this one. :D
  5. Great to hear, I am planning on adding more stuff to it as time goes on. Thanks everyone that has so far commented. :D
  6. Isn't the trade restriction 18h now?
  7. I personally don't play OS so if it this is true can someone else confirm this so that I can change it?
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    You were correct did a little reasearch and found that it was 18 hrs or 7 QP to unlock free trade and GE trade.

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