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  1. Front page of google, nice mate. I'd say thats quite an achievement @EvilCabbage
  2. ^ this.
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  3. On mine its down longer, Google is a stalker machine that knows what sites you normlly use and so on
  4. Haha oh dang! I'm not sure if the guide is even updated..
  5. can i buy ur signature space for 2 roopi
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  6. 3 roopi!
  7. 6 whole roopi 1 timer offer
  8. 100 VND (vietnam dong)
  9. 3 yen and a brick.

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  10. Deal, now rewrite the guide.
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  11. cunt
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  12. You call me a cunt why exactly? That's so rude.
  13. maybe hes just rude?
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  14. I thought it was going to turn out he copy and pasted it. :p
  15. No but Skype me.

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