NO BAN!!!! Let me Know about your experience so far.

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  1. Well, I have been using runemate for about one week now, and i must say; it has been running phenomenal, no ban thank lord. Well my guess is that the people who have been banned using this bot probably was flagged in the past, don't you think? Anyways I wanna know every ones opinions so far: how long you been botting with runemate, how many 99's you achieve, what should they update, and how long you bot without rest.
    It be good advice and help for new comers and myself.
  2. You are just going to get a range of mis-information, and people own beliefs on this thread. The only way to find out what works, is testing it yourself.

    i botted 2 accounts for months 24/7 and 1 got banned in client detection (pre-spectre) and one just left at fishing guild 3 days straight in a busy new zealand world which im sure legit players logged in each day to see the same account there. But i have had accounts last <24h recieving a 48 hour ban, and also acccounts lasting < 24 hours getting permad because botting in troll caves for 24h is very inhuman ofc and im sure they got banned from reports as its only happned twice, if you want to take the precaution, yes you can change your ip after a ban, but i have had many many accounts banned on my home ip. But i still have 4 active accounts.

    Believe what you want to believe but the best way is just hands on learning by yourself and just do whatever is working for yourself.
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  3. thank you, yes i bot like 8 hours or more, definitely not 24, but i usually always switch skills after a couple of hours.
  4. What scripts bots have you been using? Any mining script bot and smithing you recommend?
  5. i bot 16-17 hrs per day
  6. What bot?
  7. divination bot
  8. Looks like Quality Divination
  9. yea i only do div with a total level of 100 or less
  10. Teach me your ways :p

  11. Okey. I got banned one of my 4bots first time(which was only 24hour, luck on my side), How do I go on from there? Can I continue to bot without getting instantly banned?
  12. @lilzuess123 I maxed and comped and then re-comped when Invention came out, all with RuneMate and autoclickers.
  13. No mining yet. I been using celestial hunter, maxis, open fighter or quality ill check and the agility, fishing, maxi wc, and some others.\mining i heard usually leads to bands
    plus i read reviews also that helps me and i switch skills every so often after couple hours.
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    no v.i.p i don't go all out i only bot 1 account so don't think i should buy it yet.
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    AHHH it Was meant to be guys, i got ban, but luckily for 48 hours only. lol
    You guys think my i.p is flagged.

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