RS3 NXT - RS3 C++ Client Q4/2015 - 2016

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    Greetings and Salutations fellow botters

    As some of you may know already, a new client for RuneScape 3 was officially announced during this Runefest 2014 and is due for beta testing during Q4/2015 and release during 2016. It is in talks that the Java client will eventually be phased out, meaning that Java interception bots will be void.

    I was looking to see everyone's thoughts on the matter in regards to this, and I hope to catch some of you who solely rely on RuneMate and other Java based botting platforms.
  2. As for the HTTP_REFER, wouldn't that be solved if you use something like
  3. RuneMate is already ready for NXT. @Arbiter and @Cloud have be planning for the future right from when RuneMate was founded. I can guarantee that RuneMate will be the bot with the least amount of down time when NXT does come out.
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  4. Is there any proper reason that Jagex is going to use C++ instead of Java?
  5. Java for graphical rendering is a terrible language. C++ allows better graphical rendering as memory allocation and graphical libraries provide much greater control to the developer.
  6. What darshan said, just look at the NXT screenshots and see how huge the difference is.

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