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  2. This also happens on fires in RuneScape 3. When trying to interact with them the mouse is waaaaaaaay off. Not a few millimeters, but a few tiles actually.
  3. I think this issue is a little different to fires, the fire bug is due to the animations not being animated and the smoke is taken into account for the boundaries.
    This issue looks like the model isn't being placed/transformed perfectly :/
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  4. You should use a forced model for now
  5. ughhh....
  6. I can't tell what's going on in those pictures, it seems like the models are all being hidden by a roof?
  7. The first 2 picture links are the same object and shows the models render on the screen to be incorrect of the actual gameobject position. The third picture links shows this exact thing but much clearer the model suppose to be the covered over the stick but it doesn't render that way.
  8. First 2 pictures (of the same model) show an offset, third picture shows the model on a different angle than the real object

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