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  1. My email I used on my other account JJordan is old and I no longer have access to it (switched isp). Then I logged in today and said I'm logging in from a different location (same location as yesterday) now I need to confirm my email. Help pls.

    Edit: probably because of this random google proxy shit i can't figure out

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  3. @Arbiter I'm assuming this new account is just to get help with his original account.
  4. Yes, and It literally just happened again with this account?

    Figured out ip, think http intercept addon was doing it

    Still can't use my actual account
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    So no help? k
  5. The only person that can help you is arbiter. Please be patient, he's a busy guy.
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  6. Unfortunately if you don't have access to the email you created an account with you can't recover the account. You're welcome to use your new account instead. As far as IP issues, it sounds like you have an annoying dynamic IP. You can either request a static IP from your ISP or figure out the range of IPs your ISP is giving you and whitelist them on your account:

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