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  1. Hi there,
    I used to code for powerbot 5-6 years ago and am interested in starting again for Runemate. I was very happy to see the Runemate API is very similar to what I used to code with.

    So my question: I saw on one post someone mention an open-source bot that people are working on. Is this a typical thing? I was interested in writing a combat bot for the stronghold of security (Ankous, Flesh crawlers), because no other bots on the SVN seem to be able to handle them. But I know there are good fighting scripts bots out there and I don't want to reinvent the wheel for smart fighting/looting/etc. If there are code bases I can pull from (and obviously credit) that would be awesome.

    Anyone know anything regarding this? Thanks!
  2. [​IMG]

    Sadly there are no open source fighters at this point in time.
    I do plan to create an open source tutorial series sometime soon, but it'll probably be after Spectre is released.
    As for smart fighting/looting/etc. It's usually a good idea to have your own implementation to make it harder for bot detection systems to detect your bot.
  3. Or one that mimicks human behavior better yet ;). So even if they know how it works it's still not detectable
  4. Yeah true, but it seems like a lot of bots just use .nearest() or .sortByDistance().limit(3).random(), which is something you don't want to copy XD
  5. Agreed. For learning, what would you think is best? A random disposure of each of them?
  6. For a while I was filtering and sorting them based on their distance, so distance < (the nearestDistance + a random amount), and then returning null if the result is empty, or if it's not, returning results.get(Random.nextGaussian(0, results.size(), 0);

    So the nearest one is returned the majority of the time, but the others are also returned in lessened amounts due to the gaussian distribution.

    Now I use something different, but I can't really share that xD
    Edit: For Npcs, it's relatively easy, for resources like trees and ores, there's a better way to go about it based on respawn times and resource availability times (like average tree life etc.)
    The best way to do it, although time consuming, is to pay attention to how you play legit, probably record it as well, and later on write down how you interact with stuff and model your selection interaction based off of that. I don't do that though xD
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  7. If runemate had a playersense nearest that would be sweet. And maybe it would be incorporated more allowing lower detection ;).

    Not that runemate should do all the work for us.
  8. Eh a PlayerSense nearest would be pretty weird, because nearest is the one with the least distance xD, and in specific scenarios you will always want to get the nearest one.
  9. Interesting discussion. thanks guys. Looks like I'll write it from scratch with a simple algorithm and then make it more complex as I see fit. Thanks!

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