RS3 OR OSRS Green Dragon Killer

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What Version of the game would you use a Green Dragon Killer if it was developed?

  1. RS3

  2. OSRS

  3. BOTH

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  1. Hi all potential Authors and Users,

    I have always thought sicne my time on here that the bot this site is lacking and one which would highly be used would be a GDK.

    A GDK for RS3 would need support:
    • A detailed GUI
      • Teletab or Lodestone support or Glory
      • Different foods
      • Armour setup
      • Presets?
    • Pk Detection
    • ..... comment below any more suggestion?
    A GDK for RS3 would need support:
    • A detailed GUI
      • Teletab or magic tele or glory
      • Different foods
      • Armour setup
      • ..... comment below any more suggestion?
    • Pk Detection
    Comment below any other ideas or oppinions.

    Kind regards,
  2. I believe the second is osrs not rs3 :p
    And maybe oneday... I know @Party has one that isn't working atm I believe...
  3. GDK was my second ever bot, and hasn't been touched since release 8)
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  4. lazy cunt smh
  5. i will have noted d bone drops so this would be sick!!!
  6. soo How much would one have to pay for a private script bot? with Updates?? :p
  7. Around three fiddy
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  8. 3.50$ or 350$? ;) i need it to support banking, PVP escape, and food, and Frost dragons too and you got yourself a deal
  9. $350+
  10. tis not a bug XD Tis a bot Request for private usage XD * Joking Joking. three fidy sounds little steep D: lol

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