OSRS Ban Rates ?

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  1. Hello,

    Is the ban rate for OsRs very high at the moment ?
    I didnt use RM for a while so i though ill check it first ^^
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  2. Dont bot more than 3 hours on a certain thing
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  3. Currently have a 1770+ total account and 3 other accounts botting miscellaneous things. Yet to receive a ban.
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  4. I always bot with breaks
    Thanks for your reply btw :)
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    Thats awesome to hear, I will start botting again and will see how it goes ^^!
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  5. 1400 total and 1466 total no bans, also some throwaways that got no bans either
  6. dont think jagex care about osrs , rs3 they seem to care more about on the macroing side.
  7. And I think you have no idea what you're talking about 8)
  8. your right. Just a guess
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  9. Is there a builtin check? When the client detects a ban, the counter goes up.

    @Cloud - Perhaps this would be nice data.
  10. I haven't got a ban in a while, and achieved 99 cooking and will achieve 99 strength on my pure sunday evening /monday. It depends on how you are botting, it is important to bot not every day the same skill, but keep switching
  11. Currently no built-in check, a lot of edge-cases are involved with single-bot ban detection. If there was a global statistic for RuneMate, competitors could drive the number forcibly and subsequently destroy that statistic. A great idea, but people suck.
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  12. Great reply, that's something I forgot about.
  13. Amazingly, since using runemate I haven't received a single ban. I was averaging 5-7 bans a week using competitors bots.
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  14. botted for 3 days 10 hours a day, got str 75 atk 75 def 70 hp 75 , still no ban.. always used powerbot and i always got banned. not banned in 3 days... seems like runemate is a good bot

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