OSRS osrs doesnt login itself??

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by wammes, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. kay i have tried to make the bot login but its not login in itself becaus, it has to klick on excisting user and then u get name password but it doesnt klick itself on excisting user only when i klick there myself the bot does my login and starts i dont know if this is a bug? maybe something to look after i think maybe.

    greetings richard
  2. So basically: click on existing user, start bot and it'll automatically type the name/pass.
  3. yeha but i cant when i am asleep :D and thats when i use the bot most haha
  4. You mean the bot doesn't automatically log in? Let's say, something happens and your account gets logged out.. doesn't it log back in?
  5. nope it stays logged out at osrs if u get logged out that happends automaticaly i dont know why, and then he wont log itself in its stays at the login screen
  6. @Arbiter
  7. We updated our OSRS support server-side today. Please confirm the problem is fixed or still exists.
  8. @aribiter i already found the problem he wont logg in when you have it onn fullscreen

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