OSRS: How easily can i get banned?

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  1. Hi, im about to start botting, again lol. Last time i did it was on RS3.
    Im just wondering, if i bot fletching/wc/agility/fishing, how easily can i get banned? :S
    And, does it help if i buy "scripts bots" i heard you can do that here too?
  2. If your goal is to get banned just report yourself.

    OT: It's not skill specific, but how you manage the time you bot and how you prevent to get reported.
  3. So, if i bot Fletching in a tradeworld (Ge), i have small risk to get banned/reported?
  4. You can argue about the fact that it is harder to get reported, I would say it's safer than picking a low populated world.
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  5. Bankstanding skills in a high populated world/area are less risky imo.
  6. got to 99 fletching 100% botting in GE
  7. Our macro detection system has been monitoring your account closely and has detected that you are using illegal 3rd party software which violates the rules of the game and breaches your terms of service with Jagex.

    Our team have reviewed the evidence and can confirm that you were using illegal botting software. Should you continue to use cheating software we will permanently ban your account with no chance of appeal.

    Jagex are able to accurately detect all illegal 3rd party software and any promises from their makers about being "totally undetectable" or "no ban guaranteed" are inaccurate. We are always 100% certain before taking permanent action on an account

    A temporary ban has been placed on your account meaning you will be unable to access the game for the next 48 hours. This is not an appealable offence and we will not review it should you contact us by email, ticket or social media.

    Please take this time to familiarise yourself with the rules as we would like to see you back in game and part of the community.

  8. fuck you jagex. I have received this mail at least 10 times by now.

    Although I keep telling myself do not bot too many hours, after seeing myself go on days scot free I gradually increase it until the ban hits me. Then I get all depressed and quit for a month... no one quits runescape.

    A lot of it comes down to how long are you willing to wait until you reach your goal. You can wait x amount of days to get the 99 or double the hours and get it in half the time. However you put your account at a lot more risk by doing so. In the past I got 99 fletching botting almost 10 hours a day with 1 or 2 hour breaks in between which I consider essential. Not sure if this is possible anymore.
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