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  1. After the NPC has dismissed, the overlay of the NPC dismisser (red flashing screen) doesn't disappear.
  2. Not the case for me.
  3. Also unable to reproduce.
  4. Another clue might be that if I close the bot (and thus the NPC dismisser), and restart the bot the NPC dismisser will come back. It only solves itself when you relog.

    And it doesn't happen all the time, it happened twice for me so I guess one in 10 NPCs it happens. @Defeat3d
  5. I've been running OSRS for 10+ hours a day, have never had it happen to me.
  6. It sounds like it's validating when you think it shouldn't be. Here's the relevant code snippet:
    Code (Text):
    2. @Override
    3. public boolean isValid() {
    4. Player local = Players.getLocal();
    5. return local != null && (random = Npcs.newQuery().visible().actions("Dismiss").targeting(local).reachable().results().nearestTo(local)) != null;
    6. }
    Let me know if you see an issue with it.
  7. Well I can only assume there's another NPC that has the dismiss option to it anywhere close to me but that doesn't really make sense in my case where the issue resolved itself after relogging.

    I'll check back in if it happens again, I'll father devkit information if possible if an NPC wasn't unloaded somehow.
  8. As far as I'm aware, it's a way of Jagex to trick bots.
  9. Nope, it only queries for NPC's targeting you. :p
  10. If you accidentally missclick an NPC that has the dismiss option it could happen. Not sure if that ever occurs though.
  11. I think the NPC will continue to target the guy it came for, not 100% sure about this though.
  12. I have run into this a few times too, closing and reopening RM seemed to be the only solution also have had it with the "login thingy"
  13. Seems like the problem lays with the random handler then. @Cloud I don't really know anything about the handler, can you confirm that the handler MIGHT get stuck occasionally?
  14. To clarify, does this prevent the active bot from running?
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    Also, does the event processor continue to become more and then less red when it's stuck like that?
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    Also, what OS are you guys using when experiencing this?
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    And finally, are you sure it's OSRS only or has anyone experienced it on RS3?
  15. 1. Yes it does stop the bot from running.
    2. Yes, it flashes if that is what you mean?
    3. Win 10.
    4. Both, I've had the dead handler stuck too on RS3. I don't know if that's caused by the same thing though.
  16. Is it reproducable with any type of consistency?

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