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  1. I strongly believe a lot of players will benefit from this bot considering it is an effective money-making method. I would also gladly pay out of pocket for this to be made.

    Game type: Old School
    Bot Type: Smelting (furnace)
    Code (Text):
    2. Game Type: Old School
    3. Bot Type: Smelting with Cannonball support
    4. Function: Choose what kind of bar you'd like to make, provided you have the ores. Options to keep making bars until a level is reached or until certain amount.
    5. Cannonball support:  Option to make cannonballs by having an 'Ammo Mould' in the player's inventory and using steel bars on the furnace to use all steel bars.
    6. Paint: Current level, exp til level. exp/hour. # Bars / cannonballs smelted. # of bars Smelted / per hour.
    7. Failsafe: Check if player has sufficient ores to make the required bar. (ie. if the player wants to make 100 steel bars, check to see if player has 200 coal and 100 iron ore since to make a steel bar u need 2 coal, 1 iron ore.) Check to make sure player has Ammo Mould inside inventory if making cannonballs.
    8. Banking: A few locations with nearby bank like Edgeville bank (near wilderness) and Al Khirad.
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  2. Thx mate, would love if bruhs showed some suppoort
  3. You should be happy to hear that I'm finishing up the work on my AIOSmelter bot, it's also going to have cannon ball support once I get the requirements for it on my test account. It will be released in the next couple of days!
    Thanks for this thread btw ;)
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    It's finally here!

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