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  1. OSRS side of this client definitely needs an update. from what I've been told, the definitions are out of date so anything that involves banking (like 90% of the scripts bots) doesn't work since they can't click on the bank unless they're using names. So all of the Maxi (Aidden) scripts bots (which are the majority of OSRS scripts bots) don't work. You'd get a lot more people if his scripts bots were functioning.

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  2. It's not that they're out of date, they're just not mapping correctly. A considerable amount of time was invested in resolving the issue previously but it wasn't worth the resources to continue pursuing the fix at the time. The issue will be corrected in the future but for now alternative methods of detection should be used.
  3. Yesterday i was at edgeville and all GameObject names were either blank or null. When some of them decided to not be null i tried to find the Bank booth. It was named Door... Was kiiiinda funny. I'm guessing the only viable alternative would be to use model hash? @Cloud
  4. Model hash is one of the better options.
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