Resolved OSX - Overlay Flickering

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by CGaete, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. Im not sure its technical name but my floater no matter what bot i use doesnt stay solid it just flickers and there is no set spot to make it flicker. making it invisible until my mouse hits idk where and it flicks for less than a second never staying solid or readable.

    Im sorry if there is thread with this already addressed i just dont know what to call the floater.

    The floater is what im calling the stat box that records xp/h and ect.
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  2. They're generally called paints :p

    I think it's an OS specific problem, are you using OSX or Linux?
    Try going to the settings and adjusting the refresh rate in there
  3. osx yosemite
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    Refresh rate i set at 0 and also 9999 and still does it ;|
  4. Uhhh, try 1, 30 or 60?
  5. @Cloud penny for your thoughts? Multiple reports of this.
  6. Btw, sorry for late reply traveling on summer break but I tried those refresh rates as well. no luck also problems with it opening on osx past 30% it auto closes and disappears. Constant re-intalls to get working,
  7. @CGaete would you be willing to let @Cloud Teamviewer you to check the issues out?
  8. I havent been home for a while on vacation when I get back I will be able to.
  9. I am having the same dang problem


    here are my stats, if that helps


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