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  1. pic of stats and 3b

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  2. Well, 3b = 3000m x 0,30 = 900$
    For the account, I honestly don't know what max capers go for.
  3. they would go for a lot if he was like a sponsor on powerbot, but here with no feedback system and no pip like sponsor i doubt he would get a lot
  4. True that. Especially with accounts like these, people are scared to have them recovered.
  5. other ways to get people to trust. i understand the risks myself id be worried too
  6. There are no other ways because you, as original owner, are always - at any moment - able to recover the account.
  7. I bought a maxcape except divination(1 div) from an extremely trusted source from sythe for 750$. This would be worth like 850-900 i imagine.
  8. I'd say they're worth $600. The only reason you were charged so much is because he was trusted.
  9. Yeah, cant just buy from any random guy when buying such costly accs :p
  10. is there a way i can prove i no longer need the acc lol
  11. i would buy all the gold i have 115 feedback
  12. To be honest, no one in their right mind would buy such a costly account from anyone who isnt highly trusted. Its just not worth it. I dont mean to offend you, you might be the nicest/most trustworthy guy ever but people who know about accs recoveries wont still buy from you
  13. its all good man never know might find someone out of their mind and manage to sell thankyou all. not sure if im quitting for a few more days yet
  14. You should sell all your gold separately, and then rent the account out, as that would require significantly less trust be placed with you due to both parties knowing you retain ownership of the account, rather than the buyer having to deal with a possible recovery down the line.

    If you have access to Morvran, I'd be willing to rent your account for 50% of the gold I get from the process of developing my slayer bot and any other possible bots that require your account be used. This would mean that 50% of any drops go to you. Your expected income would be around 200m/month.
  15. chance of been banned with trial and error coding??
  16. Very low in RS3, even if you get stuck for several hours. My bot has a built in inactivity timer that causes it to stop if it gets stuck for more than 30 minutes.
  17. guys max cape on sythe now are 150$.... market crashed after jenuary....
  18. Those people will sell and just recover the account. No one in their right mind would legit sell max capes for $150.
  19. do u know how many max cape are disponible? and the numbers of players are not so great as in the past... Market is crashed and also legit seller sold it to these price, u have only to make a recovery test before paying, if they wont give u the possibility are scammers...
  20. Sorry, i dint understand half of what you said. Also, I have bought 2 accounts, from less trusted sellers and been scammed for it. When you are putting up a lot of money, you dont want to take a chance. No one would recommend you trying to buy max accounts for $150, its almost always a recovery.

    Also, recovery tests might be useful, but if the seller is the original owner and is still on the same ip as when he created the account, Jagex will still give him the account over you. There are a bunch of things that would be used in the recovery test, those details can be used to carry out the recovery test successdully, but the seller can hide some other details as well, which he can later use to recover the account. Also, since legacy the number of players has actually increased since eoc came out. Just because people dont play rs3, doesnt mean they dont want their account, many switched to 07. You cant use one statistic and expect to churn out a proper result. It doesnt make sense to sell a max caper for $150, and is almost always a scam. If someone can recover an account they will, unless they are a trusted seller.

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