RS3 Phoenix feather picker

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  1. A little request that will help us pvmers out :)

    What does it do: Pick the phoenix feather from the phoenix in the al-karid desert situated near the river behind the dominion tower and proceed to either bank when full inventory at shantay pass or with a sign of the porter (autobanks items) support it should continue to equip more when they run out.

    Why do we need this: To enable us to make super antifires as phoenix feathers are an untradeable resource, also these antifires can be made into further complex potions which are vital for PvM for bosses such as QBD and slayer tasks such as celestial dragons

    Requirements: 'The golem' quest complete to be able to thiev from the phoenix. A higher thieving level is desirable to minimize chances of failure. Also, having a full desert robe outfit + regen bracelet will remove the need for waterskins due to regeneration of health passively outhealing the desert damage.
    Some food also for lower thieving levels.

    Thanks for reading :)
  2. This would be amazing
  3. u can use sign of porter for that easy to do by hand
  4. its not like anything in Runescape is more difficult to do by hand, its just repetitive. That's why we have bots.
  5. If a beginner wants to makes this, its a fairly easy request.
  6. I'll have a go then
    May I PM you if I get stuck?
  7. Join Dev Chat. Get immediate help. ???. Profit.
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