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  1. Hello fellow botters!~

    When last years Falador world event was around, there was a bot to do the skilling for us.
    I was wondering, if someone could possibly make one to skill during this one aswell? <3

    Would be highly appriciated!
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  2. I second this.
  3. what do you get from port sarim invasion can someone take a minute to explain to me pretty please, as work internet blocks all runescape links litterally only runemate works
  4. Does this work for you?
    Port Sarim Invasion

    A bit hard to tl;dr it but here's the RSWiki text:

    Invasion of Port SarimEdit
    The event is started by talking to Seasinger Jemi in Burthorpe or Guard Captain Roarkwinnext to the Port Sarim lodestone. Either gives the player 200 Tokens, which do not contribute towards the daily cap of 2,000. Players can use their tokens to configure what experience they receive from the various activities. There is also a portal leading to Port Sarimnext to Seasinger Jemi in Burthorpe. The holiday portal in Prifddinas can also be used to enter the area.

    In order to earn tokens, players can defend Port Sarim from volleys of cannonballs from the kidnappers' ship through a variety of activities. The majority of these activities take place on the roof of the Port Sarim Jail.

    Players can mix black powder for Herblore experience, operate the cannon for Firemaking or Ranged experience, repair the damaged wall for Crafting or Construction experience, and smith cannonballs at the furnace for Smithing experience. Landing parties of pirates can also be fought in fights which are scaled to the player's combat level. Deaths in those fights are not safe. Combat experience can be toggled on or off through tokens. The pirates that appear are Skulls bosun, Press-ganger and scouts

    Every 30 minutes (on the hour and half past) two champions spawn to fight: Bennett (guard champion) and Hein (Skulls champion). Hein can be fought for tokens.

    The experience gained from the activities varies by skill level. At level 99 in the respective skill, the following experience is obtained for every successful action:

    • 66.5 [​IMG]
    • 67.9 [​IMG]
    • 83.1 [​IMG]
    • 65.5 [​IMG]
    • 103.0 [​IMG]
    • 69.2 [​IMG]
    These rates can be boosted by 25% for 3 minutes with 'Conch!' buff obtained by blowing a conch shell. Bonus experience is also applied.

    There is a daily cap on experience gains in the activities based on obtaining tokens. It is intended to take around one hour to reach the cap of 2,000 tokens each day. Every 200 tokens can be converted into a supply cache which may be opened for a variety of rewards, including cosmetic rewards and experience lamps unique to this event.
  5. [​IMG]

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    Thanks for the copy and paste in spoiler for me :)
  6. NZ represent! Now I know who to ask for deals on my new computer ;)
  7. with 4 years product care and flexirent? ;)
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  8. What about reasonable prices though? ;)
  9. haha just banter i can get discounts on 95% of computers products (excluding the likes of apple, and software and flagship smarthones and few other exclusion) all computers prducts i pay cost+GST+5% and for electrical(TV's and whiteware and appliances) its is cost+GST+2%
  10. I may well be seeing you at the end of the year then ;) Moving in to a new place and need to furnish it! Would the discounts extend to fellow Runematers? :p

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