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  1. I think this definitely would be a great script bot, if run on normal logs/oak logs you can make profit/hr and get free 1-99 construction on protean planks
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  2. I plan on adding this to my planker at some point :)
  3. "Protein" planks lol. Anyhow, I think an AIO portables would be a good one.
  4. Agree this would be awesome! :)
  5. Welp, atleast it was a good laugh, lol
  6. I got 120 construction with this haha.
  7. How many hours did that take?
  8. How many hours did what take? :p

    Edit: I think you meant to quote the guy with 120 con :)
  9. Oh shit yes I did. Sorry!

  10. Around 6 months using a very poorly scripted bot.
    But if this was a bot that could be flawless it'd be 120 in a matter of 1-2 months with making profit.
    Have to tell you tough prices go up & down really REALLY quick so be carefull.
  11. Thank you :)
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  12. Hmm, dunno if i am allowed to do this..

    But i kinda want to bump this to make it happen :$
    I think many of us could use this.
  13. how many planks per hour can you make with this?
    i support this also ;)
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  14. about 8k planks an hr, so it kind of depends on the %, 6% for oak, 8% teak, 10% mahog.

    port planks variate between 480-800 an hr i guess.
  15. Feel free to bump in cases like this.
  16. i dont think it will take alot of time to produce, since it just have to click bank > press 1 (preset) > click sawmill > press random number 28 and above > enter > press 1 > bank and repeat.

    it also has to detect if there is a sawmill or not ofc. maybe a back up that if there is no sawmill for 30 sec it can plant 1 itself from the bank.
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  17. i have made a can do 5-6 full invents per minute, around 8-10 secs per load

    the problem is that planks are crashing hard...ppl buying at 150 (ge price +300)

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