Bug Possible Bank.open() bug with multiple instances

Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by proxi, Jun 26, 2016.

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    Aug 23, 2015
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    So I don't know what this directly correlates to, but hopefully I can describe the situation well enough.

    The issue occurs when I have two instances running (one of them OSRS, the other RS3).
    Note: I haven't tries both OSRS or both RS3 yet.

    In OSRS, if I stand in the Fishing Guild bank by the bank booth and it is visible,

    If I do Bank.open I will get the exception
    Code (Text):
    1. Opening Bank
    2. java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -280
    3.        at nul.IIiIiIiiiIII.projectTrianglesWithin(veb:214)
    4.        at nul.IIiIiIiiiIII.projectTriangles(veb:57)
    5.        at com.runemate.game.api.hybrid.local.hud.Model.getInteractionPoint(hra:183)
    6.        at nul.iIiiiIiIiiIi.getInteractionPoint(cza:251)
    7.        at com.runemate.game.api.hybrid.entities.details.Interactable.getInteractionPoint(rh:68)
    8.        at com.runemate.game.api.hybrid.local.hud.Menu.click(web:170)
    9.        at nul.iIiiiIiIiiIi.interact(cza:38)
    10.        at com.runemate.game.api.hybrid.entities.details.Interactable.interact(rh:97)
    11.        at com.runemate.game.api.hybrid.entities.details.Interactable.interact(rh:205)
    12.        at com.runemate.game.api.hybrid.local.hud.interfaces.Bank.open(rcb:227)
    13.        at com.runemate.game.api.hybrid.local.hud.interfaces.Bank.open(rcb:173)
    14.        at com.runemate.game.api.hybrid.local.hud.interfaces.Bank.open(rcb:204)
    15.        at com.Sudo.Spectre.bots.SudoFisher.tasks.BankInventoryTask.Loop(BankInventoryTask.java:40)
    16.        at com.Sudo.Spectre.bots.SudoFisher.SudoFisher.onLoop(SudoFisher.java:139)
    17.        at com.runemate.game.api.script.framework.LoopingScript.run(xta:29)
    18.        at com.runemate.game.api.script.framework.AbstractScript.start(cna:97)
    19.        at nul.iIIiIIiIIIii.run(hxa:6)
    However, this only occurs when I have another instance running. If no other instance is running, SudoFisher will run fine (It's running in OSRS in this example)

    Then I'll start the Essence Miner in RS3. Now that both instances are running, the next time SudoFisher tries to bank, it will get the above exception.

    After this point, the Essence Miner will get the following exception.
    Note: This exception does not occur if the Essence Miner is ran by itself (a single instance)
    Unable to load cache model for 358: "IllegalStateException : Invalid model id: 7"
    Code (Text):
    1. java.lang.IllegalStateException: Invalid model id: 7
    2.        at nul.IIiiIIiiIIIi.try(fbb:13673)
    3.        at nul.IIiiIIiiIIIi.this(fbb:33)
    4.        at nul.IiIIIIiiiiIi.this(tua:273)
    5.        at nul.IiIIIIiiiiIi.this(tua:248)
    6.        at nul.iIIIIIiIiIii.this(uva:247)
    7.        at nul.iIIIIIiIiIii.this(uva:104)
    8.        at nul.IIiiIIiiIIIi.this(fbb:272)
    9.        at nul.IiiiIIiIIIIi.getModel(qna:270)
    10.        at nul.iiIIiIiiiIIi.isVisible(aoa:205)
    11.        at com.runemate.game.api.hybrid.queries.InteractableQueryBuilder.accepts(zza:167)
    12.        at com.runemate.game.api.hybrid.queries.LocatableEntityQueryBuilder.accepts(qza:25)
    13.        at com.runemate.game.api.hybrid.queries.LocatableEntityQueryBuilder.accepts(qza:273)
    14.        at com.runemate.game.api.hybrid.queries.QueryBuilder.results(rra:204)
    15.        at com.runemate.game.api.hybrid.local.hud.interfaces.Bank.open(rcb:204)
    16.        at com.Sudo.Spectre.bots.SudoEssence.tasks.BankInventoryTask.Loop(BankInventoryTask.java:35)
    17.        at com.Sudo.Spectre.bots.SudoEssence.SudoEssence.onLoop(SudoEssence.java:169)
    18.        at com.runemate.game.api.script.framework.LoopingScript.run(xta:29)
    19.        at com.runemate.game.api.script.framework.AbstractScript.start(cna:97)
    20.        at nul.iIIiIIiIIIii.run(hxa:6)
    Also, I do not use any Static variables that the two could be sharing between.

    @Cloud @Arbiter @SlashnHax
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    Can you reproduce this using the latest build and post the stack traces please.
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