RS3 Post your 99s homies

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  1. I bot 12 hours a day every day idk whether its because im members, a 10 year old accounts or what but I havent been banned!

    I have;
    99 magic thx rsbot, gatestones
    99 range thx epicbot,runemate , dogwaterfiends, soulwaterfiends
    99 defence thx to above (range)
    99 fming runemate, Dell's PrifBonfire
    99 fletching runemate, maxifletcher
    99 woodcutting robotzindisguise, ivycutter
    99 summoning runemate, alphasummoner

    will post updated image in a bit

  2. best botter 2k15
  3. you should try and max :D
  4. am homie
  5. Nicee Well Done! :D
  6. r any of u homies gon post urs
  7. Att, str, def, hp, mage, fletch, cook, fm, rc. smithing next
  8. 95 prayer atm, should be 99 tomorrow, att str next followed by dungeoneering
  9. Firemaking
    94 (70k til 95) Smithing atm.
    93 Hunter
    90 Range
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  10. Are any of you people going to post yours?
    Please type in a normal way,
    also my only progress is ironman and they don't have double xp so sad me. :(
  11. fok off homie i talk normal as it is, and true that is sad =[
  12. 99 Attack/Strength/Defence/HP (Former RSBot Nexus)
    99 Ranged (RuneMate)
    99 Agility, Thieving, Prayer, Woodcutting & Firemaking (Some other bot)
    99 Mining (Nexus)
    99 Smithing & Magic (Nexus)
    99 Woodcutting (Manual)
    99 Firemaking (Runemate)

    80% botted, no ban. (y)

    55-80 RC - Runemate
    60-90 Crafting - Runemate
    70-85 Fletching - Runemate
    68-92 Herb - Runemate
    60-80 Cook - Runemate
    40-85 Div - Runemate
    70-85 Construction - Runemate
    60-72 Slayer - Runemate
  13. ughhhhh I've been botting on my main since like February and actually took a screenshot in march and I sooooo wanna post my proggy, but I've heard of people getting banned right after posting proggies so I'm hesitant... lets just say 12 99's and almost 2500 total lvl thanks to runemate
  14. my dad works at jagex and wants to ban you whats ur name
  15. poopshuckles
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    but you would be crazy to think that jagex doesn't monitor these forums

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