Potentially Hacked by RuneMate

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  1. Consolidating the discussion into this thread to prevent misinformation being spread.

    -- Original Post --

    Dear readers, today i have a sad announcement to make. I really wish it never had to come to this. But yes, this 2 year old supporter has to do what he has to do. Please read the post before posting anything yourself.

    Now i know these threads are stupid, and no one will believe me, but thats fine. I just couldnt leave this community behind before making my last post, unfortunately, not a fun one.

    I always loved RuneMate and its community and staff, visited this site 10 times a day for 2 years straight, and i want you to undersrand that. This is not a troll or a hatepost.

    I have a laptop that i bought with the money made from RuneMate by selling GP. This bot has 3 accounts running on it. I want you to know that this windows 7 installation laptop has never had any other programs on it other than runemate or firefox. No passwords stored, no nothing. Still i have a antivirus on it for safety.

    I was very happy when RuneMate Spectre came out, and started importing bots and accounts immediately. Many days of happy botting later. (today) I was botting as usual, and i was gonna take a break from sitting in my room all day, so shut off my computer and laptop because the bots had been running for a really long time without breaks. I went to the mall, got some dew and doritos (the usual shit) and went back home. When i came back home i logged in on my bot accounts, and, to my suprise, all three of them were accesed by another individual. Items sold, gold transferred. A Shame.

    I do not care about the gold stolen. I care about this community and its staff.

    The thing is, as i stated earlier, there is NO WAY on this planet (and i know you STILL wont believe me, thanks for that) That i downloaded a fucking gold generator of softonic. I study IT. im not retarded. This is the only program aside firefox i have on this laptop bought, and used only for botting. My account details and bank pin were stored in runemate and my brain only.

    My legit accounts, that have never touched that laptops keyboard, are fine. Even though there are a couple of hundeds of mills on that account. Yet the nooby accounts got robbed, and somehow knew my bankpin.

    Please explain how else this could have happend? On a laptop, with runemate and firefox installed. accounts MADE on that very laptop. never logged those accounts in on any other device except THAT LAPTOP. Bankpin breached as well.

    You dont have to believe me. You probably didnt get hacked with RuneMate or in general, and you probably wont, because just like me, youre not retarded. I just wanna warn you, be careful. This thread probably wont last very long, when arbiter comes back from counting my mills, he will delete it.

    Jokes aside, i know arbiter is a nice guy. But please have some mercy and understanding.

    "You probably downloaded a gold generator off urself pleb"

    Im not 12 anymore. I dont download anything off of youtube, in fact, the laptop is made just for botting and nothing else has touched that harddrive.

    "Lol ur dog hacked u get rekt"

    I was home alone all day. Btw, how the fuck would anyone know my pass or bankpin?

    "The laptop already had a virus on it"

    On a newly installed windows installation on a brand new laptop? please.

    I can keep going on with these things. You wont believe me, and i dont wanna believe myself, but there is no other explanation. I will only reply to some of the comments on this post, after that, i will never visit these forums ever again.

    Im sorry.
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  2. This is some next level trolling, damn.

    There is zero gain for RuneMate to risk our business and reputation for shitty amounts of gold off your noobie accounts. Not to mention your passwords are stored on your computer, and not our servers. The only way for us to get access to your accounts (as far as I know) would be to make Spectre a RAT. In which case all 1255 users online right now would be running RAT software, yet you're the only one who got hacked, and for hardly anything not to mention.

    Post moved to casual, good luck finding out what actually happened.
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  3. Hi Cabbage,

    Thanks for your reply,

    It was also a reply i was expecting to receive, frankly, this is not a troll.

    I understand its hard to believe. Again, read the title. Potentially Not blaming anything or anyone, its just very unlikely that a virus installed itself on my computer, and also knows about runescape at the same time. I also understand that the passwords are stored on my computer, and not your servers. But its not impossible to acces them. I could use wireshark, but hell.
  4. "Tags: arbiter exposed"

    Lol @Arbiter u at it again?
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  5. True, but if we had you download something that allowed us to do this, thousands of others would have this virus as well. Why are you the only victim? Are you sure you've downloaded everything off the official website?

    Gonna leave this open for you to reply but I'll close it after since it'll only be off-topic from now on.
  6. I'll take those accounts
  7. wow, same boat as me m8 except i dont think they hacked me, they used next level convincing :p
  8. I dont see why closing this is neccesary, unless you wanted to hide the evidence to other RuneMate users, nah jk. But i would love to hear some thoughts from other members in this community about this.

    On another note, since no one is going to believe me, you might as well. Do your thing.
  9. Passwords are stored serverside. They are heavily encrypted and can only be decrypted on your own PC.

    Nonetheless, like people have said countless times before, why would RuneMate be interested in your account at all?
  10. Are you telling me you had the same thing happend to you? or are you just trolling.

    I would understand, no one would listen to someone without a profile pic, 18 messages and no supporter status, but even ME they wont believe. And i have been around for quite some time now.
  11. I'm not trying to hide anything, I just want to avoid the exact posts you've mentioned in your original thread ("Haha stop downloading gold generators")

    I'll leave it open if you like.

    Really? I didn't know. Doesn't change anything, though. Just makes it harder to believe why other accounts weren't touched.
  12. no im serious a few days ago my account was hijacked and i made a post about it
  13. They arent interested in the account. Only in the gold, which is worth money. Not a lot of money, but still. For an account that has ran bots for so long, and generated so much GP, it might be worth to check out right?
  14. osrs or rs3?
  15. I feel sorry for you. Lots of people on the internet think about eachother as dumb, while everyone deserves to spreak for themselves.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 1, 2016, Original Post Date: May 1, 2016 ---
    I dont think that that really matters, but the accounts were RS3. Also, the "Hacker" put the game into legacy mode. So he knows runescape pretty well for your average softonic key-generator keylogger.
  16. If someone has access to your RuneMate account, it's possible for them to log onto RuneScape accounts which you have stored in the client. This means, to be completely safe, that Two Factor verification is a must to ensure the safety of your accounts.

    Many RS sites (Scythe, for example) have previously had their databases leaked, and passwords dumped online. If you ever share passwords, there is a good chance you'll have been compromised that way.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 1, 2016, Original Post Date: May 1, 2016 ---
    Just to expand on that - that means that it's not necessary for someone to have access to your RuneScape passwords, only your RuneMate one if you aren't running Two-Factor.
  17. Hi, thanks for your reply.

    This is true. If you guys have IP logs and can see if today there was any other IP than my usual one, we would have the solution, however, i had to change my password today before i got hacked, so even if my account was on some database site, they wouldnt know. Also, pretty sure these passwords in these password lists are encrtyped.
  18. Thread closed.

    I will resolve this in PM, for now the main lesson to take away from this is as follows.

  19. After looking through login attempts and client sessions, I can confirm someone with the IP 122.***.***.69 accessed your RuneMate account on Wed, 20 Apr 2016 09:20:31 GMT. This IP has been associated with attempted logins on a large number of accounts and is suspected to be the hijacker. The hijacker is likely cross-referencing the leaked and cracked databases of other RuneScape sites, such as Sythe (publicly available), TriBot (availability unknown), and DreamBot (publicly available), and trying those combinations on RuneMate. In response to this we have forced a RuneMate password change, cleared all saved RS accounts, and have a lawyer drafting a letter to the hacker's ISP. This may seem like overkill for a couple hijacked accounts, but we here at RuneMate don't mess around with it comes to account security. I can't stress enough the importance of Two-Step Verification. It takes two seconds to set it up and will make hijacking virtually impossible. Additionally, those that were hijacked were only hijacked because they used the same/similar password on RuneMate as they did another site whose security standards are lower than ours. This is easily prevented by using unique passwords for each site, particularly ones that have value to you like your RuneMate account.

    P.S. Thread moved back to Discussion and re-opened.
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  20. I knew I wasn't crazy. Thank you <3
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