Premium script quality requirements?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Dan, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. What are the requirements going to be for a script bot to become premium?

    Admins planning on a similar system to tribot with their ABC10 or whatever it is?
  2. Stop calling the scrippts, their either bots or conscripts.
  3. I keep forgetting xD its just habit. Im trying my best to stop getting it wrong
  4. All I'd say the bot should do what it advertises without any bugs and be easy to set up and use. The bot should also have a nice paint and GUI.
  5. The Executives of RuneMate review every line of code every update for safety and coding quality. We deny any push that does not satisfy the standard.
  6. Not really, unless you have low standards, because Cloud let my shitty code through months ago.

    And why heff to sound so professional, its only a game.
  7. We are far more lenient for free bots. Ask anyone who has tried to publish premium bots this week. Rejected multiple times. :p
  8. Are there any out there yet?
    How do I push a premium bot/what is the xml setting for it?
  9. Could you or Cloud check my code and see what I would need to change to make it qualify for premium? I intend to keep my bots currently on the SVN free, but just wondering if it would be ok for premium.
  10. I actually gave you some feedback in dev chat; just search for "Supreme". That being said, I only checked the diff, not the whole src.
  11. I was thinking about a premium script bot that just spams summer time sadness lyrics
  12. Insta-approved.
  13. The requirements are high and I'll look for any reason to decline you. You'll be accepted once I can't find any more reasons to decline you. It's both code and runtime quality.

    Edit: Just to clarify, I'll give you the exact reason you're being declined every time and you shouldn't be afraid to try. Just don't be afraid of rejection (so far every premium request has been declined)
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  15. Can the 25% of the script bot money you take be considered "supporter" so say they have 3 premium scripts bots they would get supporter as long as they remained updated and working?
  16. That seems unnecessary.

    Edit: To clarify, it's unnecessary because they already get the advantages of Supporter as a Bot Author.
  17. I would think QoL methods such as using spacebar &hotkeys and not clicking would decrease errors and maybe qualify you for premium.
  18. Thanks for this, I actually did not know about this before I posted, Thanks for the reply.

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