RS3 Price check 120 constuction account

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Manager, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. I won't include any pictures because there are only 200 of these account and knowing the cape costs a minimum of 800M-2B and a ton of time! ;)
    The account has other 99's, tons of quests and more.
    Just give a very rough estimate, it's not easy but 120construction..
  2. It will all depends on how bad the person buying wants it. For just a general few 99's and one 120 would be around $150 but since it's construction could be anywhere from $150-250 justc depends how bad someone wants 120 construction
  3. Construction is free now. At least with protean planks and portable sawmill. Jagex have truly ruined this game.
  4. Thanks for the rough estimate!

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