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Discussion in 'General Market' started by Imfamouslab, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. Just want to see how much this would be worth in USD or AUD (doesn't matter which) Items in bank are for free but I currently have 70k gp in my bank.

    It is also a rune pure (designed for wearing rune armor) but has other miscellaneous levels (ignore shitty marker skills, blocked chat and some skills for safety)
    Currently has a mute for 1 year (though I can still talk in chat) for saying a joke[​IMG]
    [​IMG] Offence
    [​IMG] Blackmarks
  2. The account is worth around $3-5 I'd say.
  3. not what I'd like but if it can get me some csgo skins, well why the fuck not
    Thanks, for the opinion I guess
  4. its not like it has gamebreaking defence levels. like 65 for full bandos/3rd age etc. its only 40.. just enough for full rune
  5. I don't have the patience to get up to 65 defense but if it did, how much would it go for?
  6. 20 bucks? idk, not really into prices of defence pures XD, all i know is that its important to make it able to wear bandos and stuff like that
  7. I'd say $20 is a bit high, but that's my thought I guess.
  8. Oh god, I can't hand train or bot that high of a level
  9. 7$ for 65def :D
  10. Put it this way, I can turn a bot on for less than a days playtime and have higher stats than this. In fact I hand trained an account in under 6 hours to 72QP and 550 total.
  11. At it's current stats I'd say 5~ at best.
    Too low for anything really. Even the defence is a little low for a def pure.
  12. Ok, I'll make the assumption at ~$5 while it isn't much, I can probably get some sweet Humble Bundle or something. I just wanted to see how much the account was worth anyway
  13. I think that would be fair, good luck selling it my man.

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