progress of 4 weeks of runemate "24/7"

Discussion in 'RS3' started by The Professor, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. so 4 weeks ago today,
    i made a new account and botted it for 28 days here is my progress report

    so happy it hasn't got a ban or anything lol
    want me to do a new skill tell me to do something.

    -EDIT- i botted 24 hours straight each day.
    used my private scrip$ iv made.
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  2. Train em combat stats to 99. Also, nice progress:p
  3. Nice, I'm surprised you haven't done divination yet since that one is super easy, but its kinda slow.
  4. kinda why i don't want to lol :rolleyes:
  5. How much cash have you made?
  6. around 300m on my main lol
    i made a king black dragon script bot _no link_
  7. i would i would but idk i got a green dragon bot blue dragon bot than every 30 min or so will go to a tree :example gbot : goes to edgville and kills a man or cuts a tree and goes back to botting
    but these are highly antiban bots.
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  8. Congrats on your mad gains! Hope to see some of those undetectable bots on the Bot Store soon. ;)
  9. i will think about it but @Arbiter the uploading of a botscritpe is confusing for someone like me, like on the other site i stepped away from
    all you had to do was create it go to the right thread and upload a script bot plus some introductions.
    someone should make a video or somthing how to upload lol much obliged -calemsx

    ps here is some more proggy reports [[​IMG] ]
  10. Meh for 4 weeks and 24/7 that's ok. All to congratulate is not getting banned
  11. i do use a lot of proxys :p
  12. The only thing that stands out is 80 mining, the rest is pretty lame.
  13. working on runecrafting and mining to 99 will be doing wc next
  14. Check out my progress report from 4 weeks, 1800+ total levels 200m+ I cant remember now, account got banned ages ago. Give me a Pm if you want some tips
  15. RuneMate Subversion (SVN) Guide
    Setting up IntelliJ for RuneMate - Tutorial 1

    Doesn't get easier than that. :p

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