RS3 Pros for using RuneMate vs Competition

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  1. Hi, I'm thinking about starting botting but I'm not sure which bot is best. So I'm asking the community what makes RuneMate stand out from the rest?
  2. RuneMate has the best API for developers out there, Clouse is awesome and drops ban rates by a load. Hardly anyone gets banned here.
  3. Just to be fair (and play devil's advocate) one of the cons is that our bot collection isn't necessarily as large and tested as some of our competitions' since we're still new and in beta still. That being said, it's all for free and you can play a part in shaping our future. :)
  4. I had a look at the API and it seems they use final classes, wouldn't that make it difficult for devs to extend the API to suit their needs? Clouse sure sounds neat though. How does it go in terms of CPU and RAM usage compared to the others?
  5. 1) RuneMate uses a new mouse system called Clouse (Cloud Mouse), it learns the behaviors you use when playing the game and employs them. Other bots rely on a linear mouse system and Jagex has the ability to detect those bots very easily, increasing banrates. RuneMate's mouse is virtually undetectable because it learns from you so Jagex cannot find a pattern with its current systems, barring script bot logic.

    2) RuneMate uses a method of getting information from the game, called reflection. This copies and edits the client whereas a majority of other clients use a method called injection. The problem with injection is that because it directly edits the client it is much easier for jagex to break and detect. Reflection is undetectable if done right.

    3) The bot developers are dedicated to improving the client. We've already reached beta 64 and the bot is consistently worked on daily. Not only is the bot kept up to date with the game, but existing systems are challenged and improved upon regularly.
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  6. Because Cloud is a boss, and one of the most chill and hardworking devs you'll find.

    scripts bots will come as the client expands and the community becomes bigger.
  7. If arlbiter said it its like godlike truth since arbiter is the botting god, arbibots were like god his babies
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  8. That so Truth.
  9. WYD is one of the few cons here.
  11. We have Clouse as previously mentioned. We support models in all graphics modes unlike RSBot which only supports them in safe mode which has poor performance. We go to extremes to deliver the best experience to everyone, not just end users. Our development toolkit is spectacular and our API is by far the best in the scene. We support web walking to make it easier to make complex scripts bots. I'm also available for contact on skype, and if you have a question I'll answer it there. There's tons of other reasons but those are the first that came to mind. Enjoy :)
  12. There isn't any other good RS3 client options.

    The only one that I can really think of is EpicBot, which coming from experience isn't good at all. The scripts bots are mediocre at best, PRO script bot support is nonexistent and the billing... don't even get me started on that. The client itself isn't even that good if I'm honest, RuneMate is the best currently.
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  13. Is there anyone here that was a part of ArbiBots apart from Arbiter himself?
  14. my favorite is the fact that our staff doesnt pretend to lead a huge world wide company, if you know what i mean ;)
  15. People care about each other here - users, devs, scripters, and even noobs like me.
  16. Yeah, me. You might remember a thread about someone going for Max cape using only Arbibots scripts bots? Well that was me.
  17. so did u get a max cape from them?
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  18. I made it to 19 skillcapes using them without a single offence. However, RSBuddy was shut down so I used powerbot and got banned lol
  19. my account got banned from powerbot too :/ I'm testing this bot now suicide botting mining
  20. Lost my main on powebot too lol, after getting almost all 99s from rarebot

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