Proxies And Making Accounts

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by twutter, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. So i have 2 accounts i made a year ago im farming on, and 3 i created over a weeks time *Under The Same IP*

    So if i get a proxy now will it save the others if one gets caught?? Or is it to late because i already made them under this IP?
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  2. On an unrelated note, its on Introductions but I'll answer anyway,
    Shouldn't matter too much (at least in my experience) because unless you were banned before then I'm sure JaGex won't notice it as a proxy and maybe think its just you moving houses
  3. wouldnt it still show the original IP from which the account was created? and if i have 5 accounts created under 1 IP but then *moved* to somewhere else wouldnt they just think i sold the accounts then???

    im thinking ima just have to start fresh with proxies or ill run the risk of account wide ban
  4. Its probably safe to make fresh accounts with the proxies anyway but that was my take on it
  5. Old IPs show in their database, the extent of which is unknown barring the initial IP (which is certainly kept).

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