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  1. [​IMG]
    Cs:Go Skins

    GUI DESIGN = Paint Overlay

    Old Graphics Portfolio: https://ginsgraphics.carbonmade.com
    All prices are different for different designs.
    PM if I don't reply on skype.
    SKYPE : Dacurlzz​
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  2. Nice design mane. It looks very clean. I might order a signature or something later on.
  3. damn dude, i see u've learned alot overtime lmao.
    lookin gr8 :)
  4. Yeah, started off messing around for some youtubers ect. And it just took of from there!
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    No problem at all, ok hopefully hear from you later.
  5. Placed an order for a thread, i accept the ToS
  6. Nice layout man. Might wanna do a spellcheck though ;)
  7. ha, i will take a look over it later.
  8. made an excellent thread, thanks my man :)
  9. start doing paints and i will buy
  10. I do paints my man! (GUI Design)
  11. Ahh that is what you meant ^^ I will definanty buy when I get an idea :D
  12. Cool, cant wait to take an order from you!

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