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  1. Dose botting in pvp worlds lower the chance of being detected ? One time some time ago i watched a video from youtuber "Afriend" & he came across a bot in one of this 10 hr buying videos, where he was buying ore from MLM. In ((337) a pvp world he saw a bot
    1-ticking ticking cooking who had 40m + cook xp lvl 3 only skill. He said "look at this bot, botting in pvp world, to avoid bot detection software"

    Is this valid?
  2. There's just fewer people in those worlds, so theoretically the chance of getting reported is lower.
  3. Of course, as far as bot detection goes, think its still correspondent with pvp servers
  4. I would say that the detection chance by Jagex is no different than botting on any other world. The only benefit botting in a PVP (or otherwise low population world) would be to reduce the chance of a player reporting you.
  5. This, pretty much. I bot in PvP worlds sometimes to avoid meeting people.
  6. Even if you're a level 3 you'll run into faggots that make level 3-18 accounts to pk bots and fuck you over. Depending on what skill you're doing it isn't worth it unless you babysit your bot.

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