RS3 Pyramid Plunder Bot

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by mr. bince, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. Is anyone coming out with a Pyramid Plunder bot soon? I believe this is extremely needed for 99 thieving.
  2. durrymid dunder
  3. flurrymid flunder
  4. Currymid Runder
  5. Murrymid Klunder
  6. Hottyclit Cunter
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    omg we are going offtopic :s
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  7. Topic saver: I've got one planned, but probably not soon.
  8. lurrymid lunder
  9. I will love you so hard when that comes out.
  10. Support. Will even pay someone to make one, I need it for my skiller getting 200m :c

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