RS3 Pyramid plunder.

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Loki987, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. Would be nice to see a pyramid plunder bot, would help out the community alot.
  2. Good suggestion, I'd make it but refreshing my bots atm is top of my priority list xD
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  3. It would be a awesome chance at a third premium, and I know of many people who would love to use this
  4. I would use it :p
  5. I would use it too xD I've done the quests but I've gotta fix up everything else first... :/
  6. Don't worry I got some spare time :3
  7. I'll make one eventually, but not any time soon xD
  8. So..who will? :D i kinda need this ;)
  9. I hope it's out soon, hazard make it so you can give me my 3rd 99 ;)
  10. We can hope that he can make some time :)
    But, a plunder bot takes time... i made one back in the day for RSBot... and there are alot of stuff that needs to be takin care of.. :s
  11. A day max lol
  12. I am not as talented as you ;)
    GFX is more my thang :D ... wink wink...
  13. Would love to see a Pyramid Plunder bot/script bot ! =D
  14. Check the group chat; help with name xd
  15. At work till 19u15/30-ish PM :p (yes our timezone ;) )
  16. TenPlunder - That's a good name?:) plus would be nice if it detects your level then skips to the room you use highest, just some suggestions.
  17. Yes this would be nice :) lets hope he can make one ;)
  18. Yeah!:)
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    How's the refreshing bots going? This could be another premium under your belt ;)

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