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  1. Before you read...yes I know this is a heated topic...I am just curious...relax yuh tits guys.
    1. Is it possible that the client is detected since there have been many reports of people creating new accounts through the client? Or they're probably just IP flagged?
    2. But then again...even if they are IP flagged...then they shouldn't be "banned" unless the client has been detected as "illegal third party software"
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    Post #2 by VAG, Mar 20, 2016
  3. Hey,
    In order to understand how bot client can be detected on Jagex side, you need to understand how JVM -injection works. Jagex can detect and profile by the modified hooks what client you are using. This alone is a valid reason for a ban according to Jagex.

    Great everyday example of client detecting is that most web-pages know what browser are you using. Ofcourse Jagex's client detection is a bit more advanced, but you get the basic idea.
    This is however where reflection / mirror bots kick in, they do not modify the JVM, instead creating another sub-jvm, that Jagex is not able to read, since Java is limited to it's environment.
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  4. No its just stupid to create accounts on a botting client
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  5. They can see if your using a hardware mouse or not so not sure how much more they can see.

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