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  1. Do OSRS bots not handle randoms events like the bots a couple years ago did?
  2. I dont think the do , The randoms are being done by to bot.
    I think you can config that in the bot settings , not sure tho.
  3. OSRS randoms can be safely ignored. They are no longer mandatory.
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  4. I didnt know that whas possible :) Great stuff
  5. Occupation: Dj & Producer

    Do you have anything uploaded on the net? Would love to give it a listen. :p
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  9. Nah, man. I've been thinking of starting for a while, though. Any tips for a noob?
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  10. got any stuff online?
    Then i can see what lvl you are on :)
    Also Windows or mac?
  11. Windows! :p
    I haven't made anything yet. Any programs you recommend mate?
  12. Start out in Fruity Loops :) its easy to use and it will teach you the basics of using VST's for lead sounds, mastering and EQ'ing :) its also already packed with alot of handy and easy to use build in vst plugins :) if you need any help :) just ask :)
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  13. Thanks a lot. :p Going to check it out right now.
  14. good :) if you need anything... ;)
    what genre are you into? :p

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