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  1. 1. Howcome most of the scripts bots are free? Surely this increases the ban rate of certain activites if all of them are free.

    2, What are the benefits of supporter?

    3. Why should I use runemate over all the competition?

    4. How are the scripts bots compatible for all 3 games? they are all different games and have different things in them? it seems very wierd to see this as no other site does scripts bots where they are compatible with all 3

    Thanks for the help.
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    Also howcome the word script bot is replaced with bot? what is the difference as the bot is the client and the script bot is what you run on the bot client?
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    Howcome all the os scripts bots are free also
  2. Have you tried clicking the link that appears if you type script bot?
  3. Ok I have read that, please can you answer my other questions?
  4. 1. There are A LOT of free bots, and not just one with 5k users.
    2. More clients after the max limit (2) for free users. 1$+ for every new instance.
    3. Why are you even here? Got banned using other clients? Anyways, it's the best client by faaar.
    4. Thank @Cloud and @Arbiter
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  5. 1. Because we support the ideology of a forum in which every member contributes something, there are many bot authors who just started writing bots, and premium bots are only top-notch quality.

    2. Supporters can run more client instances and advertise external sites, those are the major benefits afaik.

    3. Even though the performance of the client suffers incidentally from it, RuneMate serves a very good protection to not being banned by Jagex. Also, and this is number 4, the RuneMate API is very developer-friendly, resulting in widely diversified bots which are cross-gamemode supportive.
  6. 1. Why are most of the bots free? To provide a satisfactory experience to the user. While other competitors create time limits or require you to pay for mediocre creations, we want to enhance your RS experience without emptying your wallet.

    2. Most importantly, you're supporting and motivating the people working behind the scenes. There are other perks to it, such as more instances on the client (you'll be able to run multiple accounts).

    3. I can't convince you that it's one of the best clients, you'll have to find out for yourself. Most importantly, there's no hassling that requires you to pay. RuneMate allows you to do what you came here to do: bot.

    4. Talented bot authors. If you go on the specific thread for each bot, you'll be able to find out more about each version for the specific server you're looking to play on.
  7. I am here because as a goldfarmer I am always looking for the best possible methods
  8. The difference between RuneMate and other cliets is that you can't just pay 7$ for VIP and run 100 instances. You have to pay 1$ for a new instance. Also, bot authors are compensated way more here due to the payment system ($/h) for premium bots.
  9. They aren't exactly compensated more, the pay per hour system just 'adjusts' the price of the bot to the amount of time the user will use said bot. With fixed rates someone who wants level 76-84 done will have to pay the same price as the gold farmer who uses the bot for months upon months 24/7.
  10. some of Runemate's free scripts bots are on par with highest quality level of other client's PAID scripts bots. that alone convinces me to use Runemate over others.
  11. But the system differs greatly from other sites where you can pay once a month and abuse the shit out of it with multiple accounts. The other system benefits goldfarmers, although you've to take VIP costa into account.

    Tl;dr fuck this shit, I'm done with rs anyways.

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