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Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by Toksik, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. Who knows how I should deal with NPCs which are moving, a lot? I am working on a Thieving bot but it appears that the default interactions are really slow as the cursor cannot keep up with the NPC. Is there an approach to deal with this issue?
  2. Mouse.setMouseMultiplier(1.2D)
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  3. Thanks for the suggestion. However, I have noticed that it is still very difficult to get realistic 'Pickpocket' actions in my bot.

    Issues arise when an NPC starts to move while it is attempting to perform an interaction. It will try to keep up, but it doesn't click so this process iterates until the NPC stands still.
  4. Could try removing mouse movement from the equation completely, but this only works in SDK mode as it isn't allowed on SVN.

    Code (Text):
    1.             if (Environment.isSDK()) {
    2.                 Mouse.setPathGenerator(new Mouse.PathGenerator() {
    3.                     @Override
    4.                     public boolean move(Interactable interactable, double v) {
    5.                         return interactable != null && interactable.getInteractionPoint() != null && hop(interactable.getInteractionPoint());
    6.                     }
    7.                 });
    8.             }
  5. This also wouldn't be allowed on the bot store but you could do new InteractablePoint(interactable.getInteractionPoint()).interact("action", "target");
    but it's also not recommended.
  6. Thank you for all the answers.

    I'm just curious though. But why is this not recommended?

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