QveSpinnerV2 1.3.2

Spin for the win v2

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  2. worked really well for a few hours then went downstairs when it shouldnt have or logged out randomly, if you just tweak it it could be the best working spinner ive used
  3. Started using this, thanks a lot!

    Has some errors, saw it couldnt bank once because the camera wasnt angled properly, but works pretty good. With some tweaks this could be a great script bot!
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    Also, when you get a level (2007scape) it rarely resumes
  4. Yes i know, maybe this is the issue when it gets lost, but i added some kind of timer when spinning, it waits like 1 min or untill invent doesnt have flax, so if u get a level it waits x seconds untill 1 min is elapsed. It should work. And when u get errors on 07? I mean i see NPES with door handler, doesnt it work?
  5. it never continues whenever you level up at the moment on osrs other than that its pretty much fine

    disregard I restarted the script bot and it works fine
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  6. Same problem for me, when i level up it stops working. (OSRS)
    Thats about the only problem overall a great script bot (y)

    Edit :
    Another problem is when it does climb down instead if climb up it gets stuck too :(
    Would be nice to see this fixed :D
  7. A fix will be soon when ill get to edit it for spectre
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  8. That would be great, Since this is the only spinning bot then :D
  9. any ETA on update man
  10. lol u stressinnnnnnn
  11. yeah i jsut made 5 new bots yesterday with bonds tryna get the most money out of each lol i gotta buy a new gpu im like 13 days from it lol, gotta grind man
  12. Gonna work on it when ill buy an Bond on my nooby acc or someone can lend me it ;d
  13. pm me your skype i can loan you some cash
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  14. idk if its just me but this bot goes slow as shit, fix anyone?
  15. Osrs or rs3? And where does it słów doown
  16. just overall between actions it seems slow, its not huge as suggested above, but its definitenly noticeably sometimes. I.e. I just gained a level, and it waited about 45 seconds before it went back to crafting.
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    Seems to be doing the actions at a good speed, just the time between actions is very long.
  17. Can you lend me your account to test the level thing? I will try to fix this
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    Guys please if you get any error please fill in this form:

    1. Error Code:
    2. What action was the bot doing:
    3. Does this happen often?:
    4. RS3 or OSRS?:
  18. When someone closes the door and you are spinning it brings up the interface to spin then trys to open the door, getting it stuck in a loop
  19. Found another problem. It spins 21 flax, and then cancels what its doing, starts the spinning wheel again, and finishes the inventory. With the pauses in between actions it drastically slows down the bowstrings per hour.
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    correction, it only does this about 50% of the time.

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