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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by mariogp, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Um when a Random event comes the bot does not click dismiss them so it looks kinda weird. I think if the Client would right click dismiss them at random time intervals it would be more smooth. As of now it acts like no one is there
  2. Random Events no longer carry the same penalties they used to (eg: teleporting you do a different location if you failed).

    Currently, letting a random event appear and choosing not to dismiss it does not cause any issues as far as Jagex thinking you are a bot.

    On 24 October 2012, all remaining Random Events were removed, and the emotes and rewards given by them became unavailable

    A poll on 28 August 2014 asked players if they wanted a number of changes to random events that would essentially make them harmless and optional to interact with. This change was polled as it was discovered that random events were no longer effective at combatting modern macro technology, but only provided hindrance and annoyance to legitimate players. The poll passed with 87% of the vote and the change was implemented on 11 September 2014. This update removed several random events from the game.

    Random events
    Random events
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  3. Well I understand this. However I feel like the average legit player would dismiss them. Actually I came to the chat to see that players where calling another botter out for not answering the drunken dwarf... so I guess that guy is banned now
  4. Does the bot you're running continue on as if the npc wasn't there?
  5. Interjecting here as I was wondering the same thing, yes the bot does just continue on running as it usually would.
    But I see what mariogp was concerned about as many legit players dismiss the random events, and many people accuse those who do not of being bots.
  6. It should be working fine... in between the games loops we check for dismissable npcs, I'm not sure what's wrong with it at the moment...
  7. Can't we disable the npc dismisser? It might be just the bot he's using?
  8. I'm using Celestial Fisher at Barbarian Village if that helps.
    It works flawlessly just doesn't dismiss NPCs.
  9. Yes I've been using Qvechicken killer, maxi wc and the other free one, as well as maxis fisher and the other free fisher. With each script bot however i notice it more fishing in dray but i think i cuz more population is there. But he jut keeps on botting flawlessly but it looks kinda silly with out him dismissing them
  10. @Cloud I tested it with my own bot and I can verify it doesn't dismiss NPCs. I haven't disabled the NPC dismisser.
  11. OSRS or RS3?
  12. OSRS, AFAIK rs3 has no NPCs as random event.

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