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  1. As most of you have noticied, random events are not fully implemented yet, any scripter/developer knows how annoying it is to code them, but we'll slowly add them all. The purpose of this thread is to keep you informed about our progress and help us manage the working randoms.

    ✓ Certer
    ✓✓ Drill Demon
    ✗ Freaky Forester
    ✓ Kiss the Frog
    ✗ Maze
    ✗ Mime
    ✗ Cap'n Arnav's Chest
    ✗ Quiz Master
    ✗ Evil Bob

    ✓ ? Surprise Exam
    ✗ Bee-keeper
    ✓ ? Pinball
    ✗ Gravedigger
    ✓ Pillory
    ✗ Prison Pete
    ✓✓ Lost and Found
    ✓✓ Strange plant
    ✓✓ Strange box

    ✓ ? Lamp
    ✓✓ Sandwich Lady
    ✓✓ Evil Twin

    ✓ ? Talking randoms (such as Mysterious Old Man, Drunken Dwarf, Rick Turpentine)
    ✓ ? Combat randoms (such as Evil Chicken, Tree Spirit, Rock Golem)

    ✗ Bee Keeper

    ✗ Not working
    ✓ Working but needs more testing to make sure
    ✓ ? Working and sent to Cloud but not implemented
    ✓✓ Working and implemented
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  2. @Everyone: If you trust me enough (or simply don't care about the account), feel free to private message me your runescape login details when you got an account stuck in a random event. Please note that I am not affiliated with RuneMate; I just enjoy the challenge of writing a few random solvers.
  3. I trust Salvation [​IMG]

    And thank you for the good will ;)
  4. @Viewer and I have made the Pinball solver!

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  5. Updated thread a bit, it's so nice to see the progress :)
  6. What about Evil Tree/ Whirpool?
  7. These are skill randoms and should be handled by the scripter
  8. @Cloud Are the blue event solvers being implemented next release?
  9. There randoms that I have a solution for but they may or may not be implemented already.
  10. Surprise exam is broken, it detects it and starts the solver but the solver doesn't do anything
  11. Frog princess is bugged. Doesn't click the frogs model properly and when it finally does it doesn't get through the dialogue. I noticed that the options given are different everytime you talk to the princess, not sure if you noticed that.
    Also, you should make it right click the frog before attempting to talk because the other frogs can stand over her and you just end up clicking them instead.

    LoginHandler needs a failsafe for the screen that appears with the play button. If it fails to click play it exits the handler instead of trying again
  12. @Cloud @Viewer tag.
  13. Cloud made both Frog Princess and Login Handler random solvers, nothing that I can do for now :(
  14. I was only aware of the "I'm very sorry. Please change me back!"
  15. The lobby handler or the login handler? If the lobby handler, it'll stay activated until the button is no longer valid.
  16. Viewer > Cloud
  17. I mean before you get sent to the cave

    Lobby handler in osrs. It seems to stop my script bot when the lobby starts because the handler stops at the lobby
  18. They're still in the game but you don't have to do them. You can just right click the npc and select dismiss.
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