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  1. I was wondering what would be the best thing to bot at a low level. I've started a skiller i have. Its a 9 month account with 4 99's. I was wonder what would be the most low key thing to bot.
  2. I would train to level 40 on chicken/cows in Lumbridge. By the time you're done with that, I hope there's someone who knows the best method to 99 better than I do.
  3. You're likely to get banned so watch out but other than that,
    1-30 cows/chickens
    30-50/60 afk rock crabs on waterbirth
    50/60-70 ogres
    70-85 Tzhaars
    85-99 Chin
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  4. Osrs m9
  5. I'm a dumbass I fixed it.
  6. Is it possible to do Blue Dragons at such low level?
  7. On RS3 yes, on OSRS its really slow so not worth it.
  8. ay looks good now
    Im sure you can start chinning at 80 IF you haveg the supplies/can afford it
  9. Well you can start at 66 or whatever its just not worth it until 85 since you can get void and salve ammy(e).
  10. I meant I'm sure you can efficiently start chinning at 80
  11. If you want the best xp/hr and best use of your money you want void+salve ammy(e) on those monkeys on ape atoll.
  12. Yeah that's probably the best method
  13. Alright guys im going to try it out. I want 99 range so bad. Dont care the cost.

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