OSRS Ranging Guild

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by BDuncGOAT, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. I've look ing how to get my range up from a bot. Theres not really no extreme way to train. I would really love it. I could train to 99 range there.
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  2. Hmm i made one of these back in the days, i will look if i still have my old source somewhere to convert :)
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  3. I would really like that :D I wouldnt have to babysit it.
  4. Apparently i dont have it anymore, i also read online that that place is almost insta bann...
  5. Depends on the bot imo xD
    I'd make one but I don't have an OSRS account with access to the Ranged Guild. I do have a RS3 account though and I believe they're quite similar. In the end I'd probably make it support both game types if I ever got a hold of an OSRS account to test with.
  6. You should work on a Pyramid Plunder bot first ;D
  7. Pyramid plunder takes time and effort doe, Ranging guild is easy and should only take me 5-10 minutes xD
  8. But, but, but more peopz need PP bot :p
  9. yeah true, I'm waiting for something to get resolved first, cause I don't have enough gold for a bond on my account that has the reqs for it xD
  10. This would be great
  11. right, it would help out so much.
  12. It definitely would. Also an air orb bot

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