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  1. Please post rare accounts screenies if you got any.

    here my Magic pure with 10 HP, completly legited thruw this account, only botted 9 mins and it accidentally got me lvl 2 attack so i decided not to bot.

  2. Can't you reset skills now? haha.
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  3. you can? Well i did it from start, no resets at all.

    btw how to reset?
  4. The highscores are different.
    For example, someone with 99 def would be lower than someone with 1 def in first prestige.
    When prestiging a skill, training it becomes 2 times longer. Level 99 normally is 13m experience, but at first prestige it's 26m
    I'm not sure what else comes with prestiging.
  5. I have a couple of 10yr old accounts and used to have one with a Scythe but that one got banned.
  6. Not really rare, pre-eoc you could just splash to level to low/high alch then go from there. Unsure if you can still splash train on RS3 doe.
  7. You get the xp once the npc dies, but I'm not sure if you can get xp from splashing
  8. Not anymore.
    Thanks for link :)
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  10. Well, you could just enchant jewelry till 99 its great cash too :)
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