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Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Party, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. @Arbiter would be great to have raw usage stats available on a per-bot basis in a simple table-view on the Usage Stats page.

    The graphic is nice but honestly I feel like raw usage stats would be so much simpler (not as a replacement, in addition to), simple format:

    Bot | Daily Hrs | Daily Sess | Daily Users | Weekly Hrs | Weekly Sess | Weekly Users
    Bot #1
    Bot #2
    Bot #3
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  2. This has been requested before I think, I reckon it'd be nice to have :)
  3. You can download the spreadsheets
  4. Why have spreadsheets when you can just have a table that you can glance at. Bam all the info you might wanna see without having to fanny around with the graph or spreadsheets.

  5. Because arbi cbf. Maybe he could just modify the spreadsheets to show a graph like you suggested then he doesn't need to worry about implementing it on the webpage
  6. He needs to implement stuff on the website anyway *cough new front page pictures
  7. Not opening that flood gate. If you want advanced statistics you can automate it yourself. All the information is available to you and the API is exposed.
  8. The functionality is there for more experienced Authors, but given the fact many of RuneMate's authors are not that experienced/don't want to use their own database, and you already have the majority of the framework down, I feel like it should really be there by already.

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