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  1. This is the Client and Site Support sub forum - this is for issues with the RuneMate Client, not individual bots.

    If you are having issues with individual bots, please post in the appropriate forum thread and report the bug to the Bot Author so they can fix it.

    In order for us to help you effectively, please post the following information in your thread with any client issue you are facing:
    1. Post your computer specifications
      1. Go to your Start menu, type in "DXDIAG", run the program and copy your computer specifications in to your post.
    2. Post your Java version
      1. How do I find my Java version? See: How to find Java version in Windows or Mac - Manual method
    3. Include as much information as you can
      1. Include as much information as you can in your post to help us help you sooner.
    4. Be patient & wait for help
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  2. 1. I have a windows xp professional, so I can't type in "DXDIAG"
    2. I have java 7 (because windows xp doesn't run 8)
    3. I installed the .exe file, but when i click on it to launch it, I get a loading icon next to my mouse for a millisecond and after that nothing happens.
  3. Windows xp < There is your out dated, no longer supported by windows, breach open unsecured problem
  4. Please read the following link to run DXDIAG:

    How to Run a DirectX Diagnostic on XP

    Then post your results in a New thread

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