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    Bot Authors require your feedback in order to maintain their bots and iron out any wrinkles. It can be incredibly difficult for the authors of popular bots to sift through lots of useless bug reports in order to find the useful ones.

    Because of this, we'll be implementing Bug Report Guidelines to make it easier to Authors to identify valid bug reports and act on them.

    Bot bug reports must contain a reasonable amount of information to be considered valid. We recommend you use the suggested format below.
    Removal of content
    Users posting unsubstantial bug reports will have their post removed and receive a warning. Users may report ports which lack substance to allow Staff to remove them.
    When posting a bug report, please do so with a positive attitude. RuneMate is a learning environment for many Authors, and being friendly is likely to get you a lot further than acting abrasive.

    Bug report form:
    Game Mode: OSRS/RS3
    Bot settings:
    Bot run duration:

    Bug description:

    Steps to reproduce:

    Have you found a work-around (manual):

    Please attach log files & screenshots:
    Log files can be found in %userdir%/RuneMate/Logs
    eg C:/Users/Party/RuneMate/Logs
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