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  1. This suggestion is an extension of the restart instance suggestion.
    I think it would be great to have a list of the last say 5 unique instances in terms of bot+account that were started (persisting across spectre sessions) and have a button to start a new instance the same as the one they're selecting.


    MaxiWoodcutter account1 StartInstance
    MaxiFisher account2 StartInstance
    MaxiWoodcutter account3 StartInstance

    Now If the start instance button is hit it will create a new instance it as if that bot and account had been selected the normal way.
    As for which client to run it on there are two options. Have it start its own instance of the game and run it on that or still require the user to select a client.

    @Arbiter @Cloud
  2. Low priority. Post-release.
  3. You could just go the extra mile and create profiles, although I feel like the amount of time saved would be minimal, I can't see anyone taking more than 30 seconds setting up an instance unless you include starting RuneScape as well.
  4. So it's already a planned feature? Or you're agreeing it's a good idea but wouldn't be implemented until after the release?
  5. Both.
  6. The first option for choosing which client to use would require spectre to start runescape by itself. Which is already a planned feature afaik
  7. Yeah, in which case it's even less time saved :p
    I guess there's no harm done though
  8. It's the perceived time saved that counts, and to most users it will seem like an awesome feature. And it does save time if you have lots of account and or bots.
  9. Yeah true, I'm all for it :p
  10. I've thought on it and can't think of an aesthetically pleasant way to present pairs/triples and handle stale data (deleted accounts, unfollowed bots, closed clients). With the final cut of the InstanceConfigPage I think this is now unnecessary and it's not worth the seconds of time savings for the degradation of UX.
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    If anyone disagrees please bring it up post-release.

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