Resolved Recent RS Update has broken RM's scripts

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by terrorbyte, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,

    I noticed something weird today. After today's Runescape update it seems our hooks (?) have been turned obsolete. Most of the functionality from the scripts bots have been rendered useless.

    Some weird bugs:

    - NPC dismisser wont work but it'll hover the crosshair just over the NPC - Bot fails to right click to dismiss the NPC since Dismiss NPC is not the first option available

    Thieving script bot won't work unless you hide attack option from NPC so Pickpocket NPC option is the first one - again bot fails to right click to select Pickpocket NPC - unlesss attack option is hidden which makes pickpocket the 1st option available

    Various other bugs I think and its probably got something to do with the new update since shit was fine before that. Global chat also tells me that they're experiencing this as well.

    PS: This is for OSRS, not sure about RS3 hooks.

    Can someone from the DEV team look into this asap? thanks

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    Post #6 by terrorbyte, Apr 1, 2016
  3. hey bots on osrs arnt clicking things they hover over iteams to drop them but dont click, same thing for like fishing pool clicks on the pool but cant select the type of fishing, thanks for trying to sort this out! only tested litefisher and celstial BETA bot is walking fine though
  4. Also the qualtiywine bot from Qosmiof2 isnt working anymore.
  5. I've been experimenting with most of the bots as well. Seems like the right click function is essentially useless. If the bot has to right click it and select anything, the bot is going to be inoperable.
  6. celestial hunter isnt picking up/laying traps at red chins
  7. how the hell this thread has 9,121 views? what google keyword did i just hit???

    PS: Issue has been resolved. God bless @Cloud
  8. How did you fix it then?
  9. Have this problem too. Are there any fix?
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    STILL NO FIX!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Recent RS update might have expired the hooks again because of the placeholder. Just wait a while and @Cloud will fix the hooks. Download the new Runemate client Spectre to ensure the latest client is installed and use that one instead of the old one.

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