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  2. It's a thing to measure popularity, which I'm not a big fan of.

    /no support
  3. just wanted to bring it to attention
  4. I find the reasoning 'because other sites have it' not really a strong argument.
  5. Let's be honest here, we all know that my page would have the most visits :3
  6. Why be like other sites when people have come here for something different?
  7. Villavu uses vBulletin to power their forums, and its a pre-installed plugin.
    I don't know if this is possible on XenForo :p But it could be made.
    I think that this is more of @Arbiter his department ;D
  8. I doubt people came here just because it doesn't have the recent visitors info xD A good feature is a good feature
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  9. Right behind me and every other member of RM:p

    OT: No support because it's not even a decent suggestion, and it seems too redundant.
  10. I wouldn't mind it. That way I can tell how many times per day @Insomniac stalks my profile.
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  11. I'm not even that active mate; I have 3much irl work to do. And I don't even look at my own profile, let alone others.
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  12. this question was more on the bot authors side of things.
  13. But that doesn't change the fact that it'd be implemented for all users. Anyhow, bot authors' popularity can be (roughly) measured by the amount of people using their bots. Some are more into the community rather than bot writing so...

    Point is that this idea has no value whatsoever.
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  14. What do both authors gain from it that normal users of this forums wouldn't?
  15. I like this idea, but the only decent plug-in costs $10/yr. If someone is so inclined they can donate for this functionality. I would happily implement it after purchase.

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