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Discussion in 'RS3' started by Donders, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    A couple of days ago one my accounts got locked (had no e-mail or other security) so I tried to recover it.

    When I try to login with the account it says they send an email to my account where I can reset the password, but I never received an email on my hotmail account?

    When I login I get redirected to a page where it says;

    "We have sent an email to [email protected]******.com.

    Please click on the link in the email to set a new password for your account.

    Remember to check your spam/junk folders if you can't find the email."

    Anyone knows if there's a way to resend the email? Because I just don't receive it.

    Can't contact Jagex about this cause the account was completely botted.. :)
  2. Locked usually means banned for botting.
  3. No, it doesn't. Usually it means banned for account sharing.
  4. I get locked accounts when I get banned for macroing major. ;-;
  5. That's odd.
  6. Probably got hacked and they set the email. GGWP
  7. Locked means that you've been sharing your acc like a hoe, and Jagex ain't gonna tolerate that shit.
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  8. Haha! perfect haha!
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  9. Wasn't your account locked mate :p
  10. Guess it's because I had some problem with VPN and logged in with like 5 different IPs on the same day:p

    Thanks for the helpfull replies though! :)
  11. It has been locked several times lol. Most of em were due to me buying services like fire/kiln cape... But those things I shared with you are highly confidential m80. HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL!!!
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  12. If it's locked you need to do a MANUAL RECOVER.

    You NEED an original IP/Street IP, As close to your door number as possible
    Original METHOD of MEMBERSHIP payment, you don't need the order ID just how you purchased it.
    You NEED one OF THE FIRST THREE passwords, if you don't need them it's nigh impossible now.
    You NEED either POSTCODE/EMAIL/RECOVER ANSWERS, you only need one out of the three if you can provide the rest above.

    It takes 24-48 hours, quicker if you badger them via Twitter.

    Goodluck and hope you are able to recover your accounts.
  13. Bought membership with bonds and only had 1 password ever on the account, which is like 5 years old:D

    But thanks for the tips! I'll try to recover it manual then!
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    Alright, so the account wasn't banned at all and I did infact recover the account now.

    The problem was that I had appereantly added jagex to blocklist on my hotmail account. That's why I didn't receive any mails.:rolleyes:

    99 hunter here I come!:cool:

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